Saturday, 22 July 2017

Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Review!

Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) has just released her new range in Zoella Beauty called Jelly and Gelato and it is officially the best thing on this planet! With every item costing under £6, Zoe has created the ultimate summer beauty essentials range that every young girl is in need of right now. I am so obsessed with the scent of these products. Zoe describes them as being an elderflower and cream scent, and to me that doesn't really say much as I'm not really a beauty scent connoisseur, but....I can tell you that they smell absolutely amazing! They are a perfect blend of fruity, sweet, and fresh, making for the perfect summer scent. Another thing I love about these are the packaging. They are all in lovely pastel shades that fit perfectly with her other ranges. They are mainly in a pale blue, peach and pastel pink shade and they are sooo cute!

Shower Shake - £4.50

The Shower Shake has by far the best packaging, with the bottle looking exactly like a milkshake! Even a straw included! It is so cute and promises to be a luxuriously moisturising body wash. It carries the same amazing scent as all the products and makes your skin smell absolutely amazing, as well as super soft.

Shower Sauce - £3.75

The shower sauce is just a typical body wash, perfect for travelling and again smelling absolutely delicious. This is a summer staple and you definitely won't regret this.

Body Pudding - £6.00

This is the ultimate body cream and works soooo soo well. I tried it for the first time today and it is sooo gorgeous. The scent is fresh and fruity and it makes your skin super soft. It has tiny little exfoliating beads in it that help make your skin the smoothest it can be and it is this beautiful pale pink shade.

Gelat'Eau Body Mist - £6.00

I always carry a Zoella Body Mist in my bag with me and I am so pleased she has released another one because these are amazing. They are so strong for a body mist and the scent lasts pretty much all day. This one smells absolutely amazing and I think it is my favourite scent out of all the body mists Zoella has released. And the packaging is soooo cute!

Cream Body Scrub - £6.00

This is such an incredible product. It applies in the shower with wet skin and you just massage it in and the exfoliating scrub lathers into a creamy amazing smelling product and it works wonders! It makes your skin silky smooth, perfect for summer and looks exactly like a mango sorbet!

As you can see Zoe's new range is so cute and I can promise they all smell sooo amazing! Definitely some must haves for summer and being so affordable, you have no excuse! They are available at Superdrug, online and in-store, and also on

x Seda x
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