Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Weekend in France

So on the third of June 2016, me and my mum set off on a girly weekend away to France. We have some friends who lived there who we have known for years so it was great to go and see them and catch up! They live in a little town called Chatrettes which is just outside Paris and we stayed with them in the most adorable house for a 3 days. 

So we arrived in France! The first night was spent in the lovely home of our guests, catching up, drinking champagne and dancing. At one point in the evening, we went round to the neighbour's house to see her amazing home. She has amazing taste, and had spent so much effort decorating her house in such a modern, minimalist, creative style that I had to photograph everything. 

Our first official day in France was absolutely spectacular. We went to this amazing little town called Fontainebleau and visited their famous Chateau. The chateau was incredible, with the most amazing gardens and stunning interiors. It was once the home of Napoleon and had such a fascinating history to it, which we learnt loads about from our own personal tour guide in the form of our friends daughter. Visiting old houses and castles is one of my favourite things to do, and to do it in France made it all that extra bit special. 

After visiting the Chateau we walked to a little cafe called Le Delice Imperial and had lunch. It was very French! I had the salad Nicoise followed by a crepe and it was absolutely delicious! After lunch we walked around Fontainebleau for a bit and did some shopping. There was this beautiful little florist and the flowers were just gorgeous! 

In the evening we went for a lovely meal at an Italian restaurant back in Fontainebleau and I had the most delicious goats cheese, walnut and honey pizza, which sounds like a strange pizza topping but it was one of the nicest pizza's I have ever had. I also took a photo of my mum's salmon pasta dish as that was also amazing. For dessert we shared a trio of desserts and then afterwards all went for cocktails at Le Shaker cocktail bar. It was a great night! 

The day after was our last day in France and it went so quickly! It was such a shame that it came to an end but we celebrated the reunion with a lovely lunch with everybody. It was so nice catching up and we are definitely going to do it more often. Afterwards we were driven to airport and I couldn't resist peeking into the cutest little macaron store. I wanted to live there it was so pretty and pastel! But I had to leave as we were boarding the plane back to London. I want to thank our friends for such an amazing time and for allowing us to stay with them, we had the best time. 

Au Revoir 

Seda x



  1. I can't believe I'm leaving France in for weeks after 9 months living here. This post made me realize how lucky I've been to have experienced this beautiful country. Hope you had a lovely time! :)

    1. Aww it is such a beautiful country you are so lucky to have lived there that long! Thank you I had a great time :)

  2. This looks amazing. So jealous.


    1. Thanks :) I checked out your blog as well and I love it so good, your pictures are really professional! xx


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