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Celebrity Street Style: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is at the top of my list of celebrity style inspiration. I absolutely love her style! She finds a way to style chic high fashion looks in a way that makes them look effortless and fun. She adds her LA flair to every outfit making each one classy yet casual at the same time, which is something I am always trying to achieve. It was very hard to sieve through all of Kendall's street style looks but I managed to choose my favourites. I hope you too can get some inspiration from these looks or you can just choose to scroll in awe at how perfect she manages to look every time. 

This is by far one of my favourite looks from Kendall. She shows how you can never really go wrong with a pair of black jeans, but she has put a slightly sexy spin on it by pairing them with this monochrome shirt with a plunging neckline and some black stilettos. The gold detailing on the belt gives this look an edgy spin which I love and her hair is very natural which makes the look a bit more free. 

Again, this look is a perfect blend of casual, sophisticated and edgy. Kendall has taken a basic white t shirt and denim shorts combo and managed to accessorize it into this chic cool look. I have to talk about these shoes! They are insane and must be a nightmare to take on and off, but I salute Kendall for pulling them off because I certainly couldn't. 

I included this look for two reasons. Firstly, Kendall is wearing the same bag as in the first shot which just shows that celebs are just the same as us, and aren't afraid to use the same bag again and again if they love it. And secondly, OMG this coat! It is amazing. Again showing how Kendall loves to take a simple outfit and base it around one amazing piece. Everything else can just be super simple. Black jeans, black boots, and a black leather bag. But this coat just lifts it onto a new level. 

This outfit is adorable. A little bit on the softer side for Kendall, but she looks awesome just the same. I love this high neck jumper tucked into the slightly baggy boyfriend jeans. The whole look may have looked slightly flat, but Kendall paired it which these black stilettos, lifting the look from sad western mum to high fashion wow. 

A perfect example of how to style the mum jeans! Kendall has paired them with a mustard high neck crop top and these amazingly out of this world metallic shoes. The whole look is very 90's meets FROW and I love it. 

Kendall executes the chic edgy street style perfectly, but can also pull of a more elegant, classy look as well. I love how subtle and delicate this outfit is. The beautiful blush tones are all the trend right now and she looks super elegant. She does put her own spin on it though but slightly untucking her blouse to make the look a bit more free and loose which I like. The slightly wavy hair adds to this making it again the perfect blend of chic NY model meets LA girl. 

Kendall is a woman who means business. This combination of masculine pinstripe trousers, off the shoulder crop top and choker necklace make this look super striking. Anything monochrome automatically looks professional so a look like this is perfect for important meetings or just walking about town looking killer. 

Again another example of the monochrome look. I love how Kendall has paired this chic long white blazer with almost jogger-like trousers, and studded brogues. It's a mix of street and chic that I love and that Kendall does time and time again, looking fabulous every time. The smaller details like these delicate silver necklaces have made this look a bit more girly. Kendall really looks great in this and I am definitely going to be stealing this look. 

As a little bonus, I wanted to include Kendall's look from the 2016 MTV Movie Awards because I think these shoes really need some applause. I followed Kendall's Snapchat from that night and the effort it took for her to wear these shoes and keep them up throughout the night is really commendable. She looked amazing. 

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