Monday, 30 May 2016

5 shoes every girl should own

Shoes. Some girls would consider these her best accessory, a way to complete any outfit. Other girls even go the point of having a severe shoe addiction and are not able to go out without coming home with at least 5 pairs of new shoes. And I cannot deny, shoes are very important! When you walk in a good pair of shoes you can feel empowered and confident. And of course I am not saying that the number one way to feel confident is to wear a good pair of shoes, because that comes from within and learning to love yourself. But a killer heel, or some fantastic wedges can give you a little extra va va voom when you're walking down the street. I have created what I think are the 5 types of shoes that every girl should own to build her collection. So if you're shoe collection is missing one of these I suggest you arrange an emergency shopping trip ASAP. 

1) Flats

I think flats are so important and a must-have staple in any girl's collection. Whether they are trainer style or ballet pumps, flats are just the easiest thing to throw on when you want to be super comfortable. 

2) Sandals

Sandals are just the perfect shoe for the summer. Whether they are flat sandals or with a chunky heel, they can look glam whilst still being super comfortable. 

3) Courts

If you want to look done up and smart, courts are the way to go. These are perfect for making you look professional in the workplace, or for adding a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit. 

4) Wedges

I absolutely love wedges. I think they are the most comfortable way to add height whilst still looking fabulous. Plus, there are some amazing ones out there, you can go for a midi wedge or something crazy tall. There are wedges out there for everyone. 

5) Boots

In the winter months, I live in boots. My favourite ones to wear are ankle boots because they add a cute touch to any outfit. You can choose from suede, leather and even fur! Boots are a staple in any shoe collection. 

Seda x

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