Thursday, 26 May 2016

Top 10 Summer Beauty Essentials 2016

Summer is here! I have put together all my must-have beauty essentials that I use all through the summer and always take on holiday with me. I hope you find this useful and are inspired to step into summer and try and out some new products! 

First, I think it is always best to keep your skin fully hydrated and moisturized in the summer. Your skin can get very damaged and dry from the sun, so I always apply a light day cream every morning when on holiday. My favourite has to be the No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream because it is super light and cooling, so even if you are in a really hot country you can apply this without feeling too sticky. It also has SPF 15 + 5*UVA protection which is great as it means you don't have to apply a separate face sun block. 

I love this James Read Sleep Mask Face Tan! It is great to use a few weeks before you are going on holiday to give your face a natural bronze tan to match your body. It isn't too heavy or dark and you just apply a thin layer before you go to bed at night, just as you would a moisturizer, and you wake up the next morning with a lovely bronze glow. 

This has to be my favourite gradual tanner ever. It's the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Gradual Tan and Toning moisturizer and I love it! Firstly, it is a great moisturizer as it's made with added Argan Oil which is great for relieving dry skin. It gradually builds up to beautiful glow so never looks too dark or scary. It does have a slight fake tan smell, which does fade a bit, but it would have been nice if they made it have a slightly nicer scent. Regardless, this is probably one of the best gradual tanners out there because it doesn't streak or give bad tan lines. 

If you are looking for a lovely body lotion, the Zoella Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion is the one for you. What makes this heavenly, other than the delicious scent, is that it has small beads throughout which are great for gently exfoliating your skin. I tend to take a few different body butters with me on holiday and another favourite of mine is also The Body Shop body butters. My favourite scent is glazed apple, which is a limited edition Christmas scent, so I always try to stock up when I can. 

The Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder is always a must have that I carry around with me in the summer months. An absolute essential! This powder is perfect for carrying in your bag during the day and you can top up whenever you start to get a bit shiny without looking cakey. When you have a lot of moisturizer and sun block going on, you are definitely going to be a bit more shiny than usual so a good powder is a must. 

One thing I cannot stress more is the importance of applying an after sun lotion after a long day of tanning. I have failed to do this in the past and my lovely tan has just peeled off a few days later and become really sore. Also, if you have got a nasty sun burn, the Nivea After Sun Moisture Spray is the best one out there. It is super cooling on the skin and contains Aloe Vera so is sure to soothe any sore sun burn you may have. 

People often forget, but as important as it is to protect your skin from the sun, it is also just as important to protect your hair. Chlorine and salt water can really damage and dry out your hair, and obviously we all want to relax and have fun in the pool and the sea without worrying about this. Last year, I discovered the Philip Kingsley Swimcap which is just a cream that you can apply onto wet hair and it will just protect your hair from any chlorine or salt water. It also contains sun screen which is perfect for colour treated hair as it stops the colour from fading. 

On holiday, I love having the tousled wave look for my hair and this TRESemme Perfectly (Un)done spray is perfect for creating it. It has sea kelp extract and is basically a foam that you apply to your ends on damp hair and as it dries, your becomes lovely and tousled. It comes in these handy travel sizes of 50ml which is great for taking with you on holiday. Perfect for the summer! 

My favourite summer scent has to be the Zoella Let's Spritz Body Mist. Firstly, the packaging just looks so cute and summery! I am rubbish at describing scents but this has a lovely floral sweet scent which is just so perfect for summer. For a body mist this is suprisingly strong and lasts all day. Definitely a must-have product for me! 

There is nothing more exciting than being able to wear bright colours on your nails in the summer. Here are just some of my favourites. I love anything from Barry M and Rimmel, and also this Leighton Denny nail polish is just so pigmented and literally doesn't chip for anything so definitely check them out here

Lastly, I know this isn't a beauty product but I just had to mention it. I always take about 5 pairs of sunglasses with me on holiday and they are an absolute summer essential for me. These are one of my favourite pairs I bought last year from Next. Another pairs are love are these from Urban Outfitters and these from New Look. 

Seda x


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