Thursday, 30 June 2016

Top 10 Rides at Walt Disney World

One thing most people don't realise is that I am completely head over heels obsessed with Disney. My favourite place in the entire world is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I am going there on holiday this summer and it will be my third trip there so I think I am somewhat qualified to give advice. I know a lot about the attractions, dining and accommodation so if you would like me to do more blog posts about Walt Disney World then let me know in the comments section down below! Today's post is going to be about my top 10 favourite rides in all four of the parks. It was quite difficult to pick just 10 as Disney World has some incredible rides but I have somehow managed it. So here we have my Top 10 rides at Walt Disney World! 

10) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Magic Kingdom

This ride is not the most thrilling or themed ride at WDW but it is a classic so a definite must! 

9) Kali River Rapids - Animal Kingdom

Kali River Rapids is a really fun ride with sharp turns and a lot of excitement, but beware, you do get really wet!

8) Haunted Mansion

This ride is themed so perfectly and has some amazing sets so is super fun for all the family. 

7) DINOSAUR - Animal Kingdom

This ride is often overlooked by most as it is not that well-known but it is a hidden gem! It is so fun and incredibly well themed, if not a little bit scary! 

6) Pirates of the Caribbean - Magic Kingdom

This is such a fun with amazing attention to detail in all the sets! And make sure to look out for Captain Jack Sparrow at the end!

5) Test Track - Epcot

I find Test Track such a fun experience! Not only do you get to design and test out your car inside where the special effects are insane, but you get to ride the car outside on a super fast track. Really thrilling!

4) Mission Space - Epcot

 Mission Space is another firm favourite that is very popular. It is so fun as you get to ride inside a replica of a rocket and are actually in complete control so if something goes wrong, you will most likely crash! The simulation is so realistic so it makes this ride incredibly thrilling. 

3) Soarin - Epcot

Soarin is such a magical ride with the simulation and 4D effects so realistic that it actually feels as though you are 'soarin' over California! 

2) Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom

It was very difficult to choose between Expedition Everest and the first place winner as this ride is so amazing! I love everything about it from the scenery and views, to the amazing but scary twist in the middle of the ride. Definite must-do! 

1) Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain is clear winner for me. It has everything you could possibly want from a ride! It begins with a really long musical journey complete with amazing sets and cute animals. It then begins to get a bit scary as you start going up towards the drop. The 5 storey drop is incredible and there is a high chance that you will get wet! Bonus: it is in Magic Kingdom which is the best park in my opinion so what else could you ask for?! 

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