Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Tinder Experience

Now this post is a little bit different to my usual fashion and beauty content, but I have seen these been done on YouTube and they are absolutely hilarious! I wanted to see how I would find taking to the popular dating app and seeing what sort of responses I would get from guys. I didn't really swipe in any sort of planned fashion; pretty much swiping right for everyone. Firstly, what I found quite funny were the guys' profile pictures. Some took a cute photo, some included friends and family, and some were just plain weird. Here are a few of my favourites. I have covered faces of the guys just for privacy reasons but you can still get the gist. 

The Posh Guy

This guy lets his poshness do the talking - the wine, the brown belt, the trousers, the combover! I can't handle it. 

The Brooding Guy

A guy solemnly staring out of a train window, yep I really want to date you! The black and white filter just adds to the broodiness - what a fun guy! 

The Family Guy 

Look at how close I am to my mum and sister so date me! (It's shame his face, which you can't see, looks so awkward). 

The Cute Nerdy Guy

This guy was just so cute I had to include him. Just look at the cute little mug and his checkered shirt! The way he's gripping the mug and his cheeky grin just makes him look way too innocent. 

The Macho Man

This man is so rigid I want to tickle him or just throw him in a pool. 

The Animal Guy

Look how cute I am standing next to an Elephant in a dirty lake - go me!

The Chef

Come here and taste my gross suspect looking jam? No thanks. 

The Random Guy

Just casually riding my unicycle round the streets of London, no big deal. 

So yeah, as you can see, there is a real mix of talent on Tinder. I wish guys would just take a normal smiling selfie and stop being so weird haha. 

Next, I wanted to show you some on the introductory messages I received on Tinder. Some of them are boring, some are cute, some weird, and some just plain stupid. I had a lot of laughs reading these so I hope you find them as entertaining as I did. I didn't reply to most of these, but some were just asking for it. 

This guy thought a picture of Kanye West would impress me for some reason.

Usman got himself into a daze and then something about helicopters??

Josef was keen to mention he had been travelling.

All this guy wanted was a stylist...

Ediz had a secret haha

This was wayyyy too blunt for my liking

All Peter wanted was to get married

This guy just wanted to know what uni I went to? Stalker...

Obviously not since I never replied haha


And then some guys are just plain dirty...

Yeah Sal, hookups!

Where are you???


So why did you swipe right?

Eager beaver

This guy was actually nice - I'm a sucker for Harry Potter

And then there was James....

This guy was just an idiot - no one match with him! 

Anyway, there we have it! My opinion of Tinder hasn't really changed. I still think it is not the place if you want to meet a serious guy for dating or relationship purposes. It's a great place to relieve boredom and that's pretty much what I ended up doing. It was actually quite fun scrolling through all the guys' profiles and laughing to myself haha! Just make sure you do be careful, never give out personal information to people online, particularly with Tinder. Never give someone your address or anything in which they can find out where you are. But if you are safe, then Tinder can just be kinda funny. I hope you enjoyed this post :) Let me know in the comments of any funny Tinder stories you might have had, I'd love to read them! 

Seda x


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